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Self Deep Care Concentrate, 30 ml - Self

Weyergans Self Deep Care Concentrate, 30 ml product
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Crystal clear active concentrate with 'longlivity' effect 'Longlivity' means 'life span' -... more
Product information "Self Deep Care Concentrate, 30 ml - Self"

Crystal clear active concentrate with 'longlivity' effect

'Longlivity' means 'life span' - in this case, that of your skin cells.
The new self-series from high care® cosmetics contains the unique active ingredient snow algae, which extends the cell life and ensures an active regeneration cycle.
In addition, it activates the beauty mechanism of the skin, protects collagen fibers and ensures optimal elasticity of the skin.

When applying the self-deep care concentrate liposomal active ingredients penetrate deep into your skin and thus provide a long-lasting tightening effect.
Contained snow algae in the depths of the skin specifically targets collagen fibers and strengthens them.
Under "normal circumstances", the fibers would break off during the aging process and thus adversely affect the elasticity of the skin.
But Snow Algae Concentrate prolongs the life of the collagen fibers and prevents premature aging of the skin.

Contained, fine hyaluron molecules, aloe vera and panthenol support the skin's own repair mechanisms and make the skin supple and smooth. Vitamin A rapidly reduces wrinkles, and in combination with the immune vitamin tocopherol, extrinsic skin aging factors are successfully absorbed and the skin is protected from free radicals.

For more than youthful skin - for a deep-care effect

Content: 30 ml

Active ingredients:
- Highly effective snow algae
- hyaluronic acid
- aloe vera
- Panthenol

Skin type:
Combination skin

Product Care:

Apply morning under the Pure self cream care, massage.
If necessary apply 2-3x / week under a pack or mask.

Additional Information:
All folding cartons and print products from Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics are "green printed".
This protects the environment and provides valuable resources for the world of tomorrow.

You can also get the high quality products without folding cartons.
We will gladly pass on the price advantage to you.

green printed logo

target group: Unisex
area of application: Cleavage, face, neck
skin type: combination skin, normal skin
product Type: Concentrate / Ampoules
product group: Day Care, Products Special treatment
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