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Self Charming Mask 50 ml - Self

Weyergans Self Charming Mask 50 ml
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Cream mask with Polyhydroxy-acid for an even skin  Experience the light creme mask of... more
Product information "Self Charming Mask 50 ml - Self"

Cream mask with Polyhydroxy-acid for an even skin 

Experience the light creme mask of the Self series with a unique "tingling effect". Highly dosed polyhydroxy acids support the skin regeneration, dissolve dead epidermal cells and reveal a youthful fresh complexion. In addition, the acids prepare the epidermis for optimum absorption of the collagen.

Contains: 50 ml

Tingling cream pleasure for your skin - with the Self Charming Mask

Active substances:
- Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA)
- collages

Skin type:
Mixed skin

Product Care:

At the beginning, with sensitive skin, 3x weekly. The application time of the Self Charming Mask should be at least 10 - max. 20 min. After the exposure time, rub the remnants.

Further information:
All folding cartons and print products from Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics are "printed in green". This protects the environment and preserves valuable resources for the world of tomorrow.

You can also get the high-quality products without folding cartons.
We will gladly give you the price advantage.

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target group: Unisex
area of application: Cleavage, face, neck
skin type: normal skin
product Type: Masks
product group: Products Special treatment
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